Back in 2005, I realized there was a growing percentage of  homeowners who had little to no knowledge of how to repair or maintain one of the biggest investments of their lives.  At the same time there is another large slice of the population that is getting to the age of needing quality help doing the things around the house they used to pride themselves on having both the skills and know-how to do themselves.  Hmmm……….

I had come to realize by this point in my life that I enjoyed helping people and being creative both of which are necessities in the repair industry in my humble opinion.  I began taking more side jobs for both business  and homeowners around town who needed help in a pinch and was making extra cash to boot!

Fast forward a couple years and I made the decision to walk away from a good paying job in the medical repair field to take the leap and fulfill a lifelong dream of self employment!  I’m not going to say it’s easy, but I will tell you that you’ll never work as hard for someone else as you do when you’re the boss.

Providing trusted, reliable service and building relationships with homeowners in the Dane county area. Give a call next time you’re in a pinch and let me be your “Ace in the Hole”.

Eric Hazen

Owner – Ace In The Hole Maintenance